Is it Better to Renovate Your Current Home or Build a New Home?

Do you ever wonder, is it better to renovate your current home or build a new home?

You may be having a hard time making the decision on what to do with your home. Most of us are asking the question: is it worth extending my current home or should I build a new one? It pays to weigh up the pros and cons of each option. For many households, there comes a time when your home becomes too small. It could be the result of growing children which makes the rooms seem smaller than they used to be. A lack of storage places to entertain or space for adults to retreat is often a challenge that JMH is asked to assist with when meeting clients. A home is one of the biggest investments many of us will make so you need to think carefully about the money you invest in it.

At JMH Design, we suggest to our clients to consider these three factors:

JMH Design Front Deck.png

The Cost Involved

If you’re planning to extend or build a new home it is important that you plan your budget. The cost of your extension or new home will be affected by many variables, from soil type to whether you are building a single or two story house. At JMH Design, we make sure that we work on our clients’ design and stick to their budget.

Future Plans

Before extending or building a new home you need to make sure that you consider what you want and need now and what will suit your lifestyle in the future. Looking to the future is essential before making any decisions for your home. At JMH Design we help our clients ease the dilemmas they face when making a decision on what their extension or new home will look like in the future.

How emotionally attached you are to your house?

It’s a fact of life that homes come with far more emotional weight than any other investment we make. Our home is a place to raise a family and, for some people a rewarding investment. At JMH Design, we will help you decide the best choice for your home.

Indeed, there are several factors that we need to consider when deciding to extend or build a new home. At JMH Design we aim to help make this decision stress free, offering up to date professional building and renovating advice.

Jacob Hipwood