Planning to Build or Renovate in 2019? Read this first!

Whether you intend to modernise your house or increase the lack of space you currently have by adding a deck or raising and building in under, your first step when planning a renovation or extension will be figuring out the cost, work and time involved in the project.

Homeowners need to know what their budget is upfront and be realistic about what they can afford before diving into home renovations. To create a realistic renovation budget here are four tips to help you work out your home improvement costs.

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Decide on the Scope of Your Renovation

Planning the scope and size of your renovation is essential because it has a huge impact on the cost of your renovations. Start making a list of your must-haves and nice-to-haves, because at some point in planning you will review the scope to check what you need to prioritise.

What are you Willing to Spend?

Knowing your budget is one of the essential factors that we need to consider when renovating your house. Before you contact JMH Design it’s beneficial to know the budget or cost you are willing to spend.

Contact your Designer

You already have a budget in mind for your renovations. Now, you can contact your designer to begin the design phase of your renovation. Don’t forget to share your budget for this project so that they can make a design that will suit your budget. Contact JMH Designs today to get the process started.

Get in Contact With Your Preferred Builder

As soon as your designer has finalised your plans then you can contact your preferred builder so that they can give you a quote for your renovation. If you don’t have a builder in mind, then JMH Design can highly recommend builders who cater to all building needs at an affordable price too.

At JMH Design we design based on our client’s budget. If you want to chat about your home renovation please don’t hesitate to contact us @ 07- 3193 8889 or get a free quote.