Bringing More Drama to Your Kitchen

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2019 has been a big year for new and exciting kitchen trends. If you love to cook and entertain then this kitchen might just be the one you’ve been dreaming of! Its jam packed with functionality but doesn’t compromise when it comes to style after. So what are some of the key trends to design a stylish entertainers kitchen of your own?

Functionality First: Double or Nothing

If you love to feed a large crowd then you know there’s no such thing as too much space. The solution? Double up on all the essentials. Make cleaning and prep a breeze with a double basin sink. By adding a wooden sink cover you can hide the dirty dishes until the party is over.

If you’ve ever tried to cook a roast dinner for more than four people you know that oven space is everything. While large ovens are one great solution why not make the most of vertical space and have double oven? As an added bonus the double oven system means you can cook foods that need to be cooked at different temperatures at the same time.

Bench space is everything. Don’t limit your kitchen to the shape or space of your walls. Make the most of your kitchen space by creating a double island. As well as creating the perfect work flow between the sink, stove top and fridge a double island also provides extra seating space for large gatherings.

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Create More Drama

If you love your cooking shows you know there can be a lot of drama in the kitchen. Take the stress out of your cooking though and move the drama to your styling. High contrast kitchens add style and elegance to your kitchen and make the space an area your guests will love to hang out in rather than one you want to hide away from them.

The best way to create this drama is contrast. Don’t be afraid to contrast bold, light and dark tones. Avoid the washed out look of an all white kitchen by throwing in some moodily dark walls.

Contrast can also be created to great effect by mixing your textures. Don’t be afraid to mix marble, stainless steel and beautiful wooden pieces to create textural delight.

Set the Mood

As the saying goes, lighting is everything. Make sure you have a bright, well lit space so you can see what you’re doing while you’re prepping food or adding the finishing touches to a meal. It’s a great idea though to be able to tone the lighting down a little while you’re entertaining.

Flush overhead lights allow for the play of light on the many textures in this kitchen to dazzle whilst not dominating the space or overcrowding as hanging pendants could.

Feeling inspired to recreate your kitchen space? Contact JMH Design and talk to us about how we can bring more functionality and drama to your kitchen.

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