Frequently Asked Questions.


Why choose JMH Design for your New Build or Renovation?


With over a decade of experience designing homes in Brisbane at JMH Design we believe that collaboration with the client is key to creating a successful home design. We’ll take the time to visit you at your home or land in Brisbane or the Sunshine Coast to listen to what you need for your family to have a home that is highly functional, beautiful and most importantly, that you love.

At JMH Design we pride ourselves on our professionalism, attention to detail and environmentally sustainable approach to building design. We work hard to ensure our clients are delighted by our custom designs whether it’s for a deck, a renovation or a complete new home build. At JMH Design we’ll be with you at every step of the design process to create a home that your family will love.


What sets JMH Design apart from other Brisbane Based Designers? 


JMH Design are leaders in innovation in the Brisbane and Sunshine Coast home design scenes. We make innovation and creativity a priority in both our design processes and in the house designs themselves. We  make use of the latest technologies in our design process so that you can get a clearer idea of how your home will look. These include detailed renders and fly throughs. With a strong understanding of the building process we are also able to create innovative home designs that make use of the latest materials available in construction.

In addition to our innovation JMH Design also differs in our approach to our clients. We believe that communication and collaboration with our clients is essential to creating a successful home design that truly meets the needs of the family. We include site visits, phone calls, meetings and emails through out our design process to make sure you’re always up to date and know how your design project is going.


What is the difference between a building designer and an architect?


There is little difference between a building designer and an architect. The BDAQ (Building Designers Association Queensland) state “In Queensland there is no difference in the work that can be done by a building designer as opposed to an architect. There are some differences in education and regulation between the professions but these make little difference to their work output.” JMH Design is a fully licensed (low rise) building design company under the QBCC (Queensland Building & Construction Commission).

We have the same level of professionalism and capability as architects. What sets JMH Design apart is our strong links to the construction industry, our knowledge of the most up to date building materials and our ability to communicate effectively with trades and our clients.


What type of projects do i need to have a building plan for?


Most home based projects in Brisbane require some sort of building plan. If you’re going to communicate with a builder or other trades people you’ll need a plan that shows them exactly how to build or renovate your house.

Projects we have drawn plans for in Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast include structural landscaping, retaining walls, sheds, garages, carports, decks, gazebos, patios, build-in under, house raises, renovations including extensions, additions and alterations, townhouse and duplex developments and new homes.


What is a private certifier and why do i need one?


According to the QBCC (Queensland Building and Construction Commission) “The certifier is a highly qualified building industry professional whose role is to check that your builder has complied with the approved building plans and appropriate building standards.”.

The Building Certifier can assess and approve building plans, inspect construction work at mandatory stages, provide certificates of inspection and give the final approval for the building to be occupied. To get a thorough understanding of what the Building Certifier does and why they’re required we recommend checking out the QBCC Website.


What is building approval and how long does it last for?


The building work must be completed, inspected and finalised within two years of the date issue on the Decision Notice document, unless noted otherwise by the appointed Building Certifier.

If you’d like to know more about building approval we recommend checking your local council website. You can learn about building approval if you’re part of Brisbane City Council Here and you can read more about building approval with the QBCC (Queensland Building and Construction Commission) Here.